Wednesday, April 15, 2009

" Worth Following Award "

Thank you very much Sathira of for this special award.
This is very encouraging and it brings lots of joy and happiness to me especially being so new to the world of blogging. Cheers!

This award is given to blogs that you would highly recommend to other readers and the rules are as follows:

Give this award to three of your favorite blogs. Choose ones you make a point of reading as often as possible!
When you nominate them you have to write a short description of the blog (just a few sentences) and why you nominated that blog.

Link to each of your choices as well as the blog that nominated you. Spread the love!
The first & fore-most award goes to Sathira for his mind opening blog I enjoyed following his blog as it is very inspiring and he shares practical life experience about our human daily life. Great Blog! Congrats!
The second award goes to Doris for her cool n chic blog Recently I found this blog and finds a young lady who writes well and enjoy expressing her thoughts taking the blog as a platform to relax and feel free. Keep it going. Congratulations!
The third award goes to Ahau Dee for his wonderful blog which I have been following His blogs expressed lots of live, determination and happiness in his new exploration in a foreign land. Congratulations!


  1. Thanks for the award! I really appreciated it alot..
    I do enjoyed reading ur blog too! with alot of awesome food!

    p/s: I'm kinda a blogging freak.. *blushed* lol

    Take care!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate your compliments....good luck and enjoy what you are doing. Cheers

  3. Thank you ... thank you ... thank you ... Eeee ... malu nyerrr ... but I feel good too ... ha ha ha, much appreciated.

    Perhaps that would be my next posting, to talk about the award. I'm too busy right now with so much things on my plate but still believe that I can overcome it.

    Those things that we learnt during PDT really helps. Ring a bell? PMA, etc.

  4. Hi there...It's my pleasure. You CAN DO it! Fikirkan Boleh! Good luck