Monday, April 27, 2009

Fried Vermicelli - Vegetarian Style

I just love to prepare this simple fried rice vermicelli aka fried beehoon as it is the most easiest way to prepare with just purely vegetables. I normally add chinese mushrooms or shitake mushrooms as these mushrooms produces a very nice aroma to the fried rice vermicelli.
I do not use MSG at home, to add flavor to this dish, the sauces used are dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, pepper, sugar and salt to taste. This is one of my favorite dish for home party.

Serve 5 : 2.5 bundle of dried rice vermicelli

Look at all the simple ingredients listed...chopped ginger, slices of carrot, cabbage, green leafy vege, chinese mushrooms and vegetables crackers (optional) for garnishing.

Simple Process :

1. Soak the dried rice vermicelli in cold water for about 10 minutes, drained dry

2. Heat a little oil and saute the chopped ginger together with the slices of chinese mushrooms till fragrant

3. Add in the carrots, cabbage and 1 cup water, stir to mix, close lid of wok for 5 minutes allowing the vegetables and mushrooms to soften slightly


5. Add in the green leafy vege, the soaked rice vermicelli together with 2 Tbs dark soy sauce, 1 Tbs light soy sauce, few dashes of pepper, 1 tsp sugar and salt to taste

6. Lower the heat, close the lid of the wok and allow the steam to further soften the rice vermicelli for about 5 minutes

7. Stir well to mix the sauces with the rice vermicelli and continue stirring lightly to avoid breaking the vermicelli into pieces, till the pot of vermicelli is dry

FINALLY, the Fried Rice Vermicelli is ready to Serve....garnish with fried vegetables crackers...left handside of top photo

Does it look appealing to you?

Simple Recipe and Eat Healthy!


  1. It's easy and yummy.. :) I'll try ^^

  2. Hi Nath
    Great, do give it a try, it's yum yum! :)

  3. I don't like using MSG either, this dish looks tasty enough without it, I really like all of the veggies!

  4. This looks very appealing: easy, healthy and luscious, Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Hi Sophie..
    Thanks for dropping by, yes it is just as tasty even without the MSG, happy trying.

    Hi Claudia..
    Thanks for dropping by. It is my pleasure to share good things..enjoy cooking.

  6. Hey it is looking inviting great recipe. I have never tried this... but sure to try it out soon...