Monday, April 6, 2009

Chicken-Prawn Soup with Rice Noodle

Care to try this simple to cook recipe for rice noodles in chicken and prawn soup?

A rich and tasty soup to go with rice noodle - kueh teow, a copy-cat version of Ipoh Hor Fun minus the MSG and eat healthy. Do you know that the rice noodle (kueh teow) from Ipoh taste very smooth and free from the pungant chemical stuff.. ??? If you do travel to Perak, do drop by the closest wet market @ Ipoh town and get a packet of the noodles and I am sure you are going to love it .......

Okay, let's look at this simple recipe.....

What do you require : Serve 4

800 gm rice noodle - kueh teow
800 gm prawns
2 pc of chicken breast
some chives

For the Soup :

  1. Boil the prawns with 1 litre water with the shells on till prawns turns red in color
  2. Drain the prawns and shell it later, keep the prawn stock and add another 1 litre water
  3. Boil the prawn stock together with 2 pieces of chicken breast meat till meat is cook over low heat
  4. Add salt to taste, when meat has cooked, take it out and set aside
  5. Soup is Ready......

Garnishing for the Noodle :

  1. Shell the cooked prawns
  2. Hand shred the chicken meat
  3. Blanched chives

Note : Chives adds nice aroma to the bowl of noodle....

Tasty Rice Noodle Soup for the Family - Enjoy your Meal!


  1. eehhmmm... it's look delicious....thanks for sharing ^^
    In Indonesia, rice noodle = Kwe Tiaw and Blanched chives = kucai

  2. Oh yeah, kucai = chives in chinese hokkein dialect. Hope you like it, enjoy cooking