Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vegetarian Steak-Green Peas

For a change, no meat for this post, let's go ve-ge-ta-rian..... I take a different approach to prepare this "mock" mutton, the norm which we find in vegetarian shops is Mutton Curry. Let me called it Vegetarian Steak...hahaha, does it look like "steak"? Not too worry, just a name to identify the dish...that's all!

Accordingly to the Nutrition Facts found in this frozen pack, these are actually mushroom stems, seasoned and processed and end results "become" Vegetarian Mutton.

Let's look at this simple to cook recipe and perhaps you may like it too as it has a good refreshing smell of the green peas (from the can)....oh so good to my sense of smell! I love it..

What do you require :
  • 1/2 pkt of frozen vegetarian mutton (obtainable from hypermart)
  • 2 onions - cut into rings
  • 1 can Green Peas
  • some oyster sauce
  • salt and sugar - to taste
Simple Process :
  1. Defrost the vegetarian mutton before cooking
  2. Heat a little oil and stir fry the vegetarian mutton for 2 minutes, dish out
  3. Next, heat a little oil and saute the onions till aromatic, add some water (as the gravy), the green peas, oyster sauce, salt and sugar to taste, let it simmer over low heat
  4. Let the green peas cooked slowly till it is soft and well soak into the gravy, finally, add in the the vegetarian mutton, stir well and ready to with hot steam rice!

Have Varieties and enjoy a good meal!

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