Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wholemeal Tortilla v Hot Dogs

My boys were suggesting no rice, no noodles, want something different for lunch... how about Tortillas (quite similar to Indian Chapati), let's give a try....

A Lazy Mum's home creation fast bites for the family......guess what's important is, it fills the tummy, taste good and it's healthy, very filling after a bowl of hot mushroom soup!

(L) with Hot Dog..... (R) with Tomato Tuna

What do you need :

a packet of Wholemeal Tortilla from Tesco
(there is plain Tortilla too)
cut into half for each wrap

What's available in the refrigerator...cucumber, carrots, seaweeds, hot dogs
.....I love the crunchy feel of carrots and cucumber...hmmm short of greens - lettuce...

Look at my boy's creation - Roll Bread with Tomato Tuna, Seaweed (oops..not in photo), Carrots, Cucumber

Simple but Taste Yummy! (a similar version to California Roll ... ^-^)

Smile Often And Be Happy Always!


  1. What a cheap, delicious and healthy food!

  2. Hi Sathira
    Thanks for dropping by, yes very economical and taste good, have fun..

  3. I like the idea ... roti jadi macam california roll ... he he he .. so creative : )

  4. yup, easy, fast n super taste nice..good 4 u..hahaha