Sunday, April 26, 2009

V-Soy Pudding with Fruits

This is a beautiful dessert. I finally discovered a good replacement for "tau fu fah" aka soy pudding which is a nice soft, smooth dessert made from soy milk. My kids love tau fu fah very very much and as per mum's advice, too much tau fu fah is not good for the kidney as it contains calsium sulphate which is an agent that helps the soy milk to coagulate. Tau fu fah is taken by adding in syrup made of either white sugar or brown sugar.

I have attempted twice the recipe after reading from Elin's blog (thanks to her) on her recipe Jelly Soy Pudding and finally I got the preferred softness of this pudding and it taste just like tau fu fah minus the syrup. I have slightly modified the recipe based on my preference and daddy and kids says it is super delicious....hehehe. Btw, this brand V-Soy Original is excellent, it is creamy, sugar content is not high and nice aroma.

These are 3 ingredients I need to prepare the mixture

All you need :

serve 10 small bowl (refer photo) or small cups

1500ml V-Soy Milk (1.5 box)

2 Tsp Jelly aka Agar-agar powder

Canned Lychee / pineapple - as toppings (or your perference)

Simple Process :

Boil the V-Soy Milk in a pot over low heat

Add the Agar-agar powder and stir well to dissolve

Bring to boil, sieve it into the bowl/cups and allow it to cool and set

** It takes about 2-3 hrs to set - add the toppings and chill it

Serve Cold......Truly Yummy!


  1. looks yummy, I do vanilla soy is there much of a difference if that is used

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping by..I have not tried making vanilla soy pudding. But I believe if you like the distintive fragrant flavor of vanilla, then enjoy. Cheers!

  3. thats cool I think there are alot of Indians in Malaysia right love your food

  4. Hi Rebecca
    Yes in Malaysia we are multi racial and all of us enjoy each others dishes..