Thursday, February 17, 2011

Batik Agar Agar (Jelly)

Lazy mum's sweet memories jelly dessert. It is known as "batik agar-agar" as it is adopted from
the art and craft technique of dyeing fabric with mixtures of well blended colors. A creative way of designing the fabric and it is classic. Batik made into clothing for men and women are largely used as an official function attire in Malaysia.

Easy and simple to make. Making this jelly or
agar agar in bahasa malaysia brings back sweet memories of my home science class at school during our lower secondary, those were the days....

Simple steps :

First boil 20gms of agar-agar strips with 1.5 cups of water till the agar-agar is completely dissolved.
Add 1 box (200ml) of the coconut milk and mix well. Pour the mixture into a tray and allow it to set. When the agar-agar has set, just cut it into small shape of your choice. Set aside

Next, melt 50gms of gula melaka (palm sugar) in a saucepan over a low heat till it completely becomes liquid.

Then, boil 1 packet of 37.5gm agar-agar strips with 4 cups water. To give it a beautiful aroma, add 3 pieces of screwpine leaves (pandan leaves) when boiling the agar-agar.. Ensure the agar-agar is completely dissolved, then add in the melted gula melaka and stir well to mix. Pour the agar-agar into a tray and allow it to slightly set for 10 mins.

After 10 minutes of setting time, drop the cut pieces of coconut milk agar agar, just like the
photo below. Once that is done, allow it to completely set, chill it before cutting.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Homemade Cookies for Chinese Lunar Year


Happy to share some of the homemade cookies for the New Year 2011
by my dear daughter. It is the first time she tried her hands on
the Chinese New Year biscuits/cookies and am proud to share her success

Well Done Girl!

Spring Roll with Meat Floss

Oatmeal mixed fruits cookies

Crispy Seaweed Crackers