Thursday, April 23, 2009

Garlic Fried Rice with Seaweed

One of the easiest way to "re-cycle" left over rice is to prepare fried rice. I love to prepare fried rice as it is very "flexible", there are so many ways of getting it done. It can be prepared in various ways, from normal to hot and spicy, with some ingredients to lots of ingredients added in.

I find this garlic fried rice is the simpliest form, simple to prepare and taste good, perfect for a busy and lazy mum like me. To add some color and taste, I have included pieces of cut seaweeds into the rice. My kids simply like seaweed, so it suits their tastebuds. I adopt this menu from one of the eatery outlets and create my very own version. Goes well together with a hot bowl of Instant Miso soup... :)

All you Need : Serve 4

Overnight Rice

1 clove garlic - chopped, some french beans, some seaweed, 3 eggs

3 Tbs Fish Sauce, light soy sauce, a dash of pepper. No MSG added.

Simple Process :

  1. Heat some oil and fry the beaten eggs and stirring it as it cooks, just like making scrambled eggs - set aside

  2. Using the same wok, add some oil and stir fry the chopped garlic until fragrant, add in the beans and stir for 2 mins

  3. Next, put in the rice, a MUST to add- Fish sauce, light soy sauce, dash of pepper, stir fry the rice over medium heat for the next 10 minutes, mixing the rice well with the ingredients

  4. Lastly, add in the eggs and stir in, spread the cut pieces of seaweeds all over rice and mix
The fried eggs and seaweeds
are to be added last....


Enjoy a Happy Meal!


  1. cool they say mum in Malaysia like the UK, seaweed in fried rice, must give it a try Rebecca

  2. Hi Rebecca
    Thanks for dropping by, happy trying!