Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Soya Noodle (Tau-Chiam)

Dried Soya Noodle......

Extracts of Article on Soya.....
"Soya is one of the oldest and most nutritious foods in the world.
Soya has many nutritional advantages as it contains protein, fibre and isoflavones which have positive effects on cholesterol, bone density, menstrual and menopausal symptoms as well as preventing certain cancers. It is thought to be a wonder food by the Chinese who believe it can cure kidney disease, water retention, common colds, anaemia and leg ulcers. "

The Mi Soya or Soya Noodle has very fine textures and it is non oily and my kids loves the "smooth-slippery feel" of this noodle. It is easily obtainable from hypermart or grocery. I got this pack from the grocery...

Yes, it is a Nutritious Meal for the Family...

There are few ways to prepare this Mi Soya but I just love mum's recipe as it is simple and easy to prepare...The kids would love it as it taste real to try ?

What do you Require :
  • A packet of Mi Soya
  • some chopped ginger
  • some dried shrimps
  • 2 eggs

For garnishing :

  • some crabstick
  • chopped spring onions
  • fried shallots

Simple Process of Cooking :

  1. Heat the pan with a little oil, stir fry chopped ginger together with dried shrimps till aromatic
  2. Put the ready stir fried dried shrimps into 2 litre of water and boil over low heat for 20 minutes to get a nice tasty soup, add salt to taste
  3. Beat up the eggs and add to the soup, stir well and soup is ready
  4. Boil the dried Mi Soya in boiling water for about 10 mins or till soften
  5. Serve with the boiled dried shrimp/egg soup and garnish with spring onions, fried shallots, crabstick. (Optional - add a little sesame oil in the soup if you like)

A Simple and Nutritious Meal...enjoy your Meal!

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