Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tasty Abalone Mushroom

Among the many types of mushrooms, we all like the Abalone Mushrooms. It is soft, juicy and it taste great with this simple chinese cooking recipe. It takes less than 20 minutes to dish out this beautiful dish.

All you need are :

  • A packet of fresh abalone mushroom

  • 1 carrot - cut into thin slices

  • 1 sprig of spring onion - cut into 3 cm in length

  • a thumb size ginger - cut into slices

  • some Oyster sauce

  • a few drops of chinese cooking wine - optional

Simple Process :

  1. Blanch the abalone mushroom in boiling water and dish out within a minute, set aside

  2. Heat the wok with a little oil and stir fry the ginger, add the carrots and stir fry for a minute, add the abalone mushroom, oyster sauce and spring onions, stir and mix well, it's ready to be served with hot rice.
** chinese cooking wine is optional, just add a few drops when almost ready

A simple to cook recipe .....enjoy cooking!

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