Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hunger & Hope

In support of BLOGGERS UNITE FOR HUNGER AND HOPE ON April 29, I wish to contribute my sharing. I am very blessed as I have never experienced hunger since the day I touched down this planet earth. However in the journey of my life I have seen and came across people who have no food at all and I have seen how my grandparents have helped these unfortunate people in one way or another.

This is a true story about being hungry.
I once had a staff in my team who has 5 little school going age kids and they have gone without solid food for days except drinking condensed milk and eating plain bread. Her husband was out of job for months and has been borrowing heavily from money lenders aka "loan sharks" who charges exorbitant daily interest. As he has no money to pay his daily interest, he was on the run all the time, hiding at secluded village leaving his poor wife to manage the family. As this matter was brought to my attention, I contributed my minimum by buying her some food essentials for her. I can feel how the kids are going through having no solid food for days, (as I have my own growing up boys who ate a lot) they would be feeble and no way able to be attentive in school. Since it is going to be an on-going affair till she and her husband settle their financial standings, I decided to made an arrangement with our in-house canteen operator (caterer in the manufacturing plant) not to dispose of left overs, instead packed them and make a contribution to this staff, for as long as the caterer could. I am strong believer in "what goes around, comes around".

What can each and every one of us contribute in a small way towards "Hunger & Hope"?

In my opinion, as within each household, I believe parents should play the important role to instil good values to their children. Children should be nurtured since young not to waste food, take what is enough or eat what has been taken and not to throw them away. I have seen some wealthy couples pampering their ignorant kids at fast food outlets by ordering so much and leaving behind left overs. Thus, firstly, it is essential to create awareness of what the unfortunate children in the world are suffering, make them see how is it like to be hungry and shared with our children how blessed they are to have food on the table and to value them dearly. My kids do not throw away breadcrust which has been sliced out from their home made sandwich, instead it is shared with our little doggie for her tea time..

Secondly, if we have a small garden, we can grow some greens for self consumption too.

As for the corporate communities, it would be great if companies would pursue in corporate social responsibilites like contributing fifty cents to a dollar for each products sold and this collection shall be donated to the NGOs for food supplies to the needy people. Perhaps, bakeries or food manufacturers could contribute a small percentage of their items to those who need them. Just like the story of the late honourable Mother Theresa, a very compassionate being who wait patiently every day behind the village bakery to pick up the thrown away bread and buns and distribute them to those in need of food and prevent them from hunger. She is a great figure to be remembered and to be honoured, needless to say a good examplary figure for us to follow. Can the Corporate communities do the same?

Let's pray together for the well being of those who are in hunger and may they be blessed with food and able to live happily without having to be hungry!

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