Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zet Spaghetti Homecook Sauce

My little chef shall take over the wok today as he wanted to attempt the original home cook spaghetti more going for the bottle - Prego Bolognaise Sauce....Let's have a drum roll for him.....trrrroooooomph, pooomph, pooomph!

A short intro for him...His name is Zet. He is the youngest twin and has passion for cooking. Once a while he enjoys getting his hands dirty - that's taking over lazy mum's role... He has all the patience to learn to cook but little patience for his elder twin brother...they fought but patches up very quickly and next you see, they are good buddies.... That's part of growing up, I guess.

This is Zet's production.....

Yep! it is Yummy, minus the color as it is not rich in red. Well, it's because Lazy Mum did not manage to pick the ripe red tomatoes. So, that is the outcome - orangy instead of reddish! Anyhow, be rest assured it is a nutritious meal with no added preservative or MSG, pure homecook with simple recipe.

What is in the Sauce : Serve 4

  • 1kg ripe tomatoes

  • 5 pips of garlic - chopped

  • 2 big onions - chopped

  • some parsley - chopped

  • some cheese

  • salt, pepper and sugar - to taste

How to cook the Sauce?

  1. Wash and slit X on top of tomatoes
  2. Boil the tomatoes for 2 mins
  3. Peel skin off and cut into small pieces - side aside.
  4. Heat a little oil in pan and stir fry the chopped garlic, onions till fragrant
  5. Add in the cut tomatoes and parsley, stir fry and mix well for 5 mins
  6. Add salt, pepper, sugar - to taste
  7. Cool it and put into blender, blend into puree - set aside

What's in the Main Ingredients

  • Required amount of Spaghetti - to boil
  • 1 pc chicken breast meat - minced
  • some sausages - cut into small pieces
  • some button mushrooms - cut into small pieces

How to cook the Main Ingredients?

  1. Heat a little oil in pan and sir fry chopped onions, add in the minced meat and stir well
  2. Drop in the sausages and mushrooms, stir fry till meat is cook
  3. Add in the pre-prepared Sauce and let it simmer in low heat for 10 minutes or till required consistency
  4. Lastly, add in the preferred amount of cheese and off the heat

Here you are, a Home Cook Nutritious Meal!

Drop a comment to Zet in Lazy's Mum's Blog, once you have tried and find it delicious..........happy cooking!


  1. Super nice and easy recipe for spaghetti sauce. Keep up the good work. Best to you and your family!

    BBQing Tips From Deep In The Heart Of Oregon

  2. Thank you and happy trying

  3. thanks for follow my blog :)
    Spaghetti is my fav food.. yummy..

  4. wah!!
    Zet make homecook spaghetti sauce ah??
    unbelievable wor...
    go home cook for me ya...hehehe...

  5. Yep! Good little chef..will do
    Taste real good..