Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Delicious Yam Soup with Beehoon

Simple to cook and great taste......with natural sweetness that comes from the dried prawns.
If you love Yam, this is another way to cook it.... Try using the "fat strand beehoon", I did not use that cos' I am going by my family preference for the medium strand. The fine strand is for frying. Do not be deceived by the look - so white and no colors, looks boring right...hahahha....believe me it taste good if you cook it right..... I learnt this dish from my grandfather who loves to serve us this Yam soup whenever we visit him...he grows Yam at his backyard...so wonderful! Those good old days...house with big backyard, full of fruit trees and free vegetables to be consumed anytime...
Time to prepare : about 45 minutes
What do you require?
Fat or Medium Strand Beehoon
1 small Yam - cut into cubes
Handful of Dried Prawns
a sprig of spring onions
fried shallots or bawang merah - for garnishing
salt n pepper - to taste
How do you cook it?
1. 2 litres water into a pot and while it is put to boil, go to step 2
2. Heat a little oil in a pan and stir fry the dried prawns till aromatic
3. Put the fried dried prawns into the soup and let it boil over medium heat
4. Drop in the Yam cubes and boil till the soup looks powdery or till yam has soften
5. Blanch the beehoon
6. When soup is ready, serve it with the beehoon and garnish with spring onion
and fried shallots.....
Hmmm....yum! yum! Hot, nice smooth feel of the yam!

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