Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fried TomYam Beehoon

This is a yummy stuff, very appetizing! It can be described as not spicy or too can also be eaten by those having sensitive stomach. All you need to do is, you decide the level of "sour-ness" depending on our own preference. Most of all, it is well liked by young and old...

It is one of my favorites for home party. Hmmm...what so good about cooking at home, huh? Well.. the best part is we can control the amount of oil to our food...especially for those who are health conscious...right?

Lazy mum goes for it as it is simple, easy to cook N most important Good To Eat......wanna try?

Time required : Within 30 minutes

What do you require? - serve 4
1/2 packet beehoon - soak in water for 10mins
2 tablespoon of tomyam paste * get it from hypermkt - a bottle cost less than $5
sugar + salt - to taste

Cut all below into slices or strips
3pcs fishcake
6pcs crabstick
1 pkt abalone mushroom or button mushroom
5 leaves chinese cabbage
2 tomatoes
1 carrot
2pcs beancurd - optional
2 big onions

What to do next?
1. Soak beehoon for 10 minutes before frying

2. Heat the wok with a little oil and fry the sliced onions till fragrant, then add in all the other ingredients except the tomatoes, stir fry well.

3. Add in the tomyam sauce together with 1 small bowl of water, a pinch of salt and sugar and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

4. Drop in the beehoon and stir well, leaving the beehoon to get soaked in the sauce, lower the fire and close lid for 5-8 minutes. Check : once beehoon soften, add in the sliced tomatoes and
give a last stir in the wok

5. Ready to be served.....

Truly Appetizing .....Simply Delicious!

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