Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nutritious Corn Soup

This is one of the soup well liked by my kids. It has its natural sweetness and great to taste and most importantly it has high amount of fibre, it helps us to stay happy...gee..
Do you know that Corn (Jagung) has high amount of nutritional values in them? By adding in wolfberries (kay chi) it is good for the eyes and red dates boost the production of our red blood cells... So much goodness for the body.
You can cook it the "vegetarian way" too, by just excluding chicken meat and instead add in beet choa or mud choa (big brown dates).
Wanna stay healthy, get this simple and easy to cook soup on the dining table... Time to prepare : less than 1 hour
What are the stuff you need?
a packet of corn (3 in a packet) - chopped into pieces
a chicken breast meat - cut into pieces
some wolfberries (red kay chi)
some yuk chok (sweet white strip stuff)
10 pcs red dates
salt to taste
What's next?
1. Boil about 2 litre water in a pot, add in all the stuff and cook at low fire
2. Boil for about 40minutes and soup is ready to serve.. taste so described "cheng cheng" - clear tasty soup!


  1. adding in Corn to any of your soup, there's a certain sweetness to it. I like putting corn as an ingredient in my soups :)

  2. hi gneleey...thanks for dropping by and thank you for sharing. Cheers