Thursday, March 12, 2009

Evergreen Porridge

This is yummy, looks good, taste good and why I called it Evergreen Porridge.....

My overgrown baby daughter...till today, called this meal "Baby Porridge"...hahahha. It is a porridge where Ee-poh (grandaunty) used to feed her when she was a baby.... so here goes the name for the porridge as it has no age barrier...Evergreen ma.....! It is not cognee so you cant really see the starchy stuff cos mummy prefer the watery that's how it goes.

Simple and easy, just use the chopper and chop up the carrots, potatoes and spinach....drop it in the pot with the rice....done! Easy to cook and good nutritional values too... You see the brown thingy...that's dried oysters, it is optional...suit your taste. Can complement with 1/2 teaspoon Marmite too if dried oyster is excluded...

Time to cook : Less than 40 minutes

What do you require?

Cup of rice - serve 4
1 large carrot - chopped
2 potatoes - chopped
some spinach (bayam)
a piece chicken breast meat / lean meat
dried oysters - optional
thumbsize ginger
salt - to taste (less salt if you are putting in marmite)

What is next?

1. Boil 2 litres water drop in the big piece meat, chopped carrots, potatoes & optional dried oysters and ginger
2. Leave it to boil for 15 minutes, add in the rice and lower the fire, stirring constantly to
ensure no burnt rice for next 15 minutes
3. Lastly add in the spinach and constantly stir the porridge for another 5 minutes
4. It is done, ready to serve.

**If you are not serving immediately, leave the pot cover half close to prevent the porridge from drying up.

Sedap!.... a nutritious porridge on the table


  1. Going to try this baby porridge for my baby girl as she loves porridge. I make sure I have different recipes every week for her. Thanks to Aunty Jean... Baby Charmaine is turning 1 next saturday

  2. Hi Lina..I'm sure baby Charmaine would love's nutritious and tasty. Suggest you add a little (tip of teaspoon) twins loves it till now

    Cheers and happy trying..