Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ah Mah's Porridge

The kids will be rushing off for tuition by 3pm Mummy need to ensure they have something easy and fast to swallow.......as it's gonna be a rush, rush affair today...
Something Fast To Cook and Yummy To Eat, will be great......yeah, let's go for Ah Mah's porridge that is FAST to Cook and Easy to Swallow......
Time Required : Less than 40 minutes..... You can do it too....try lah!

What are the Ingredients needed?
- a cup of rice (serve 4)
- a handful of dried prawns
- 2 pieces white taukua (a.k.a tau-kon) - cut into cubes
- chopped spring onions
- a MUST fried shallots (a.k.a yeow-chorng)
What's to do Next?
1. Fry taukua over medium fire till golden brown
2. Put 1.5litre of water to boil in a pot
While the water is put to boil......prep the below..
3. Fry the washed dried prawns with a little oil till nice aroma
4. Add in the washed rice and stir fry with the dried prawns
5. Add in light soya sauce, dash of pepper and stir thoroughly for 2-3 minutes
6. finally....put all into the boiling water in the pot over medium fire-
DO NOT cover the pot
7. Stir well every 10 minutes to ensure rice not sticking at the bottom of pot
8. Porridge should be ready when the rice grains are "open up"
9. Serve with the "green" and "brown" garnishing as shown in photo..
ENJOY YOUR MEAL....fast to cook and great to eat!

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