Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fried Fish Beehoon Soup

It's drizzling and thought good to have hot soup for dinner. Got a big fish in my refrigerator, what to do with it? Ahhh... why not let me try to dish out this dish for the family today... Wow! It came up yummy and the whole family enjoyed it....Believe me, it is easy and fast to cook. It took me only an hour to complete this delicious hot meal...

Would you like to try it's the recipe to share, do ask if there's doubt.

Ingredients for the soup
1 piece of chicken breast
1.5 litre water (eqvl to 3x500ml drinking bottle)
1 cube of Maggie ikanbilis
1 packet of preserved salted vegetable (kiam-chai)
Few ginger slices
Salt - to taste
Evaporated Milk - to taste

How to get the Soup?
1. Put chicken, ikanbilis cube, preserved salted vegetable, ginger slices and boil over low fire for about 40 minutes
2. Add in evaporated milk when the soup is ready.

Main Ingredients for serving
1 medium size fish - preferred "red fish - angchoe"
1 packet of soft taufoo - sliced into small pieces
2 tomatoes - cut into slices
1 sprig chopped spring onion for garnishing
2 bundle Vermicellli (beehoon) - soak for 10mins before scalding in boiling water for 1minute

What to do Next?
1. Cut the fish into small pieces and coat with cornflour and deepfry till light brown
2. Garnish the scalded beehoon with slices of tomatoes, taufoo and chopped spring onion and the fried fish.

Ready to serve once the soup is ready.

Cheers and happy trying.....


  1. Beau mom, congrats on your new blog and those dishes looked yummy to me... gonna try...thx

  2. Hi san san, thank you 4 dropping by...have a happy meal with your family...

  3. halo chef iron lady can u pls slow down a bit ha?u got 40 dishes as of today(6/4)..i kenot catch up and lost already..i got to quit my horses n go by rocket..waitttt