Friday, March 20, 2009

Mami Soup

Nutritious soup for the day... Agree with me it looks colorful? My kids call it "Mami Soup" and they just love to put rice into it and its a complete meal for them, no other dishes required especially during mummy's busy day. Dont try using the slow cooker, it is not so tasty, not for this soup....

The Soup is made up of chicken, carrots, lotus roots, potatoes together with dried wolf berries (red seed) and yuk chok (refer photo from Nutritious Corn Soup) - can be obtained from hyper mart. Yuk chok brings natural sweetness to the soup.

Wolf berries is good for our eyes. I used to encounter frequent dry eyes and mum would boil dried wolf berries + chrysanthemum for helps! - have to drink 2x a week continuously for 2 weeks.

To get a real tasty soup, you need to boil at low heat for about 1 hour..(using pre-boil water), else it is going to be an hour and a half.

What you require: Serve 4

  • half chicken breast - chop into pieces
  • 1 big carrot
  • 1 lotus root - say 15cm in size
  • 3 potatoes - or alternative use fresh yuk chok (obtained from hypermart)
  • some dried wolf berries
  • some dried yuk chok
  • 2 Tbs chinese cooking wine
  • salt - to taste

Simple Process:

  1. Cut the chicken, carrot, lotus roots, potatoes into small pieces
  2. Preheat 2 litre water, drop in all the above and use low fire to boil the soup for an hour or so..

** TIPS: low fire will produce "clear soup", if the fire is high, the soup will look cloudy


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