Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pita - Food for Health

Tired of eating noodles, rice? Alright..try Pita then. I have posted the picture of the Wholemeal Pita which I got from the hypermarket for your view... It's fast to make and good to eat.
Pita is a healthy stuff and there are a few ways to "stuff" the pita. The one I made today is stuff with a tasty blended vegetables - french beans and round turnip (bangkwang). My kids love to eat with roasted chicken plus cucumber and tomatoe slices...
You wanna try this.....this is how it goes...
What is required for the stuffing ?
Some french beans - slice into thin pieces
Small round turnip (bangkwang) - shred
Small prawns - cut into small pieces
Chopped garlic
salt to taste
What is next?
1. Heat the pan with a little oil and fry the garlic and add prawns accordingly
2. Add in the french beans, turnip and stir well, add a little water and salt to taste
3. Lower the fire and simmer at low fire till vegetables soften
Here you's ready to stuff the Pita...Enjoy your Meal!

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