Friday, May 29, 2009

Kerabu Egg - Egg Salad

A simple Nyonya dish known as "Kerabu Egg". Kerabu means salad. I love all kerabu dishes very much and am glad I have managed to pick up several Kerabu dishes from my grandma and mother. No cooking is required here, just a good mix of sambal belacan (pounded chilly with roasted shrimp paste), lime juice, roasted dried prawns on hardboiled eggs - cut into small pieces. I remembered very well, whenever my grandma prepares this dish, she would picked up her peppermint leaves from her backyard garden and serve with this kerabu...oh, it is truly delicious. The beautiful aroma of the peppermint leaves blends well with this, kind of "fishy-smell" salad. Alternatively, it blends well with cucumber too. This dish is also my girl's favorite and it is always in her request list... :))..just like mummy.

Happy Exploring....n Eat Healthy

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