Monday, May 11, 2009

Fried Rice Tom Yam

I got this nice porcelain plate from my SIL recently and just cant help to use it immediately... :)

Yum! Yum! Yummy! Simply Delicious....

Yum, yum, this is lovely! If you like something sour and a little spicy, you must go for this dish :) TomYam Fried Rice. It is simply delicious and easy to prepare. My family just loves it and I know I always have something to opt to if that "laziness" creeps in once a while....hahaha, yeh, - Tom Yam Fried Rice..... The same tom yam paste which I used for Tom Yam Fried Beehoon in my earlier post. If you have small kids at home, minus the amount of tomyam paste and add a little sugar, anyway, it is not that spicy after all, unless you add in chilly padi.

All you need : Serve 5
  • 2 cups of cooked rice - cool it before frying
  • some prawns
  • 1 pc chicken breast meat - cut into cubes
  • 3 eggs - beat to make omelette
  • 1 big onion - chopped
  • 6 pips of garlic - chopped
  • 3 Tbs tom yam paste - add 2 Tbs water
  • some fish sauce, salt to taste

Simple Process :

  • Heat some oil in a pan, get ready the omelette, when cool, cut into strips - set aside for garnishing

  • Heat some oil in a wok, saute the chopped onion and garlic till aromatic

  • Add in the prawns, meat and stir fry till meat is cooked, add in the tomyam paste and stir mix

  • Put in the rice, few dashes of fish sauce, some salt to taste, lower the heat

  • Stir fry the rice and mix well, dissolving any lumps of rice found in wok and mix well with the ingredients for next 10 minutes or till fried rice is dry.
  • Here you are, Fried Rice - Tom Yam!

Enjoy A Wonderful Meal......


  1. first comment...hihihi...
    fried rice tomyum... eehmmm looks yummy...
    I like tomyum soup... and i think I like this one too....

  2. Hi too...yep love its taste, real appetizing :) Happy trying, cheers!