Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Red Bean Sweet Dessert - Tong Sui

Simple Ingredients : 300 gms of red beans, 30gms of sago (optional) & 4 screwpine leaves & 80gm sugar (your preference) with 2.5 litre of water (Serve 8)

Red bean sweet soup or red bean "tong-sui" is a beautiful and simple to make dessert. I love adding sago into the soup as it gives a shiny pearl look. It can be taken hot or chilled. My kids love taking it cold, so I would normally store in small cup containers in the refrigerators for them. Alternatively, I do use red beans to prepare a savoury soup by boiling with chicken meat and salt to taste.

Red beans has lots of nutritional values and one of the known qualities is it helps regulate energy in the body and good nourishment for the red blood cells.

Simple Process :

  1. Boil the red beans and screwpine leaves in 2.5 litre over medium heat. It would take about 2 hours + for the beans to soften. Or, just use the slow cooker and let it cook at "high".
  2. Add the sago and sugar after 1 hour boiling time, if much water has evaporated, just add some hot water into it
  3. Once the beans has open up and soften, then it is ready to serve

    Courtesy from chineserecipes.com : "Red beans - there are two types of red beans: the big and small ones. Red beans tastes sweet and ‘neutral’ in nature. Red beans is made into sweet paste used in pastry and mooncakes as filling. High in vitamin B, it’s good for beriberi patients. Red bean sweet soup with preserved tangerine peel is used by the Chinese to drive away ‘dampness’. Elderly previously suffering from swelling feet as the result of water retention can eat congee with red beans regularly to prevent symptoms from recurring.Read more about beans

Enjoy a good Dessert

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