Sunday, May 17, 2009

Penang Mee Rebus

Beautiful Colorful PENANG MEE REBUS
Penang Mee Rebus is just beautiful and rich in color and I would say it IS SO YUMMY - mixture of sour and savoury in taste. The noodles and beansprouts are first blanched and the thick sweet potatoes gravy are then poured into the noodle. The toppings are simple - it consist of fried beancurd, boiled potatoes and eggs then finally garnished with a piece of lime, spring onion and chillies. The famous Penang Mee Rebus can be found at Penang CRC. Mee Rebus is in Bahasa Malaysia, it means blanched noodle.

What makes a good Mee Rebus - it all comes from how well the gravy are being prepared. The northern Mee Rebus is rich orange in color. The gravy are made up of sweet potatoes, tomatoes and is not spicy. The kids can also enjoy a bowl of this noodle without feeling "the chilly hot" in their little mouth.

There are many varieties of Mee Rebus with different cooking styles and ingredients coming from different states of Malaysia - northern, central, southern part. There are times where Penang Mee Rebus is mistakenly identified as Mee Jawa. The difference is Penang Mee Rebus uses no meat.

I have been diligently exploring recently and I finally produce my own mix recipe and I am extremely delighted with the results, what a discovery! I just feel it is an achievement and its worth my effort of exploring deeply and able to produce the results which I called it "almost there" ^ _ * - minus the chilly sotong (dried cuttlefish cooked in chilly) and its coconut fritters. So here it is, the recipe that I am happy to share with those who are far away and longed to eat Penang Mee Rebus... My family gives me a *high 5* :) and hope you like it too...

Instead of the normal coconut fritters served in the Penang Mee Rebus, I have my vegetables fritters instead. See, it taste very good. It is made up of flour batter with chopped onions, spring onions, beansprout, a little salt and sugar.

Below are the toppings for the Penang Mee Rebus. They are fried beancurd, hard boiled eggs, boiled potatoes. To make the Penang Mee Rebus complete, lime juice is a must and garnish with chopped spring onions and red chilles.....

So what is in the kuah or gravy? Try this and see if you like it (serve 5) :
  • 500 gms sweet potatoes (pale orange species), 2 large tomatoes, 1 big onion
Simple Process :
  1. Boil the sweet potatoes till soften, keep the sweet potatoes stock *
  2. Boil the tomatoes and onion till soften , keep the stock *
  3. Blend the soften sweet potatoes, tomatoes and onion
  4. Put all the blended stuff into the sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onion stock *
  5. Add a little salt to taste

Lasty : To boost the flavour to the kuah/gravy, you need a small amount of the following :

  • ground together a small piece of lengkuas or galangal, 3 chillies and small piece of shrimp paste
  • Heat a little oil and fry the grounded stuff till aromatic, then add it into the sweet potatoes, tomatoes and onion stock.
  • To thicken the gravy, add a little cornstarch (to your preference)

^ _ ^ Have a Enjoyable Meal.....


  1. Great ! Pls teach us how to make the vegetable fritters too!Thanks.

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  3. Hi Anonymous..thanks for dropping by. Will post it soon the vegetable fritters, check it out then. Cheers

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    Thanks for the Award, appreciate it. Enjoy trying out those recipes you like. Cheers!

  5. hi.. jean.... yum..yum.. mouthwatering....

  6. Hi nath...yes it's yummy, give a try n enjoy. Cheers!

  7. Wow, this is a nice and easy mee rebus. Maybe I would try it with prawn fritters instead of the vege ones.