Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Second and Third AWARD Received

Post Edited on 19 May

2nd Award on April 16 by Nath

This 2nd Award was given to me by Nath on April 16. Thank you Nath and I appreciate. My apology for posting late, :)) it is better late than never. Nath has been my ardent follower and I like her blog too as it is full of interesting recipes from Indonesia, something we dont get from the cookbook. Once again, thank you Nath and hope you enjoy trying all those recipes you like in my Blog. Cheers to you! Below is a short extract of Nath..

About Nath of Eats Time with Nath

My favorite hobbies are cooking (but not an expert), swimming, and my newest hobby is blogging. I have many recipes collection and I have been thinking how to organize my recipes? So It's a such a good idea if I organize and share them in the same time in my own blog..Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to leave a comment if you like my post...^^

3rd Award on 17 May by Tammy

I felt extremely delighted to received this beautiful award from Tammy of Frugal Southern Mom. Tammy is one of my followers. She too has a wonderful blog and below is a short extract of her. To Tammy, thank you once again and enjoy exploring my simple, easy, delicious Chinese home cook recipes, good luck!

About Tammy of Frugal Southern Mom

Hey my name is Tammy! Welcome to my southern blog. Together I hope we can learn to save money with garden fresh veggies,herbs and frugal tips. My daughter and I love to cook and will be sharing a few southern recipes with you daily.Also a few daily freebies will be listed. You may even find a southern tale to read along the way. Come on by, I would love to hear from you!

These are some of the blogs I enjoy following :

Actuate Life

Breaking Mindset

Modern Vegetarian Recipes

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