Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Bun

We have been longing to have this "Happy Bun" (to be exact I dont know the name of the bun) for a long long time. We last had it many years ago in a restaurant in Ipoh. I was overwhelmed when I came across this awesome delicious bun while shopping at a frozen goods store, yeah, I found it! For those of you who are good in making bun or dim sum pau, I believe this happy bun can be easily produced at home...oops, but not me cos' I am very poor at dough making...

Anyway, this is the easiest and fastest meal I have ever prepared. We all like mackerel in tomato sauce. So it is just purely, smashing up the mackerel and add chopped onions with lime juice and spread on this "happy bun". I have another variety, that is using the spicy pork cubes from the can. Cucumber and green lettuce are added too.

So this is another new meal by me - a lazy mum, for sharing...... You agree it looks like a happy bun on the plate... ^_^

Beautiful and appealing !!

Simple yet Yummy!


  1. Do you mind telling me where to get this bun?

  2. Hi Anonymous...are you from KL?

  3. Hi Jean, yes, I am in KL.

  4. Hi there..check it out at LongFarm Meat Store. They specialize in fresh pork meat and frozen stuff

  5. Hi there..just in case LongFarm Mart is not nearby, next alternative, try the shop that sells Vegetarian raw material..