Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tapioca in Palm Sugar Syrup

Well.. it is nice to indulge in this sweet dessert once a while. I remember when I was a kid, right behind my grandfather's big backyard, we have plentiful supply of tapioca plants and my mum will cook this sweet dessert for us, wow, so yummy. I love the thick yummy coated gula melaka (palm sugar) on the soft tapioca. This is my 1st attempt, though not that perfect, but it taste okay lah! I felt the palm sugar is not thick enough, perhaps if its slightly thicker it would be marvellous...... anyway, good try! ^ _ *

Look at this tapioca which I got from the hypermarket...try to pick the thin ones, so that it cook easily....

Simply, wash and peel off the skin of the tapioca and boil it with some water till it soften..the picture shows it is almost ready, it took about 35 minutes..

Once it has soften, get ready the melted 2 pieces gula melaka (palm sugar) with 400 ml water and add into the pot of soften tapioca. Let the palm sugar syrup slowly coat the tapioca over low heat. Keep turning the tapioca around the syrup till it is completely thickens.
Use low heat to avoid burnt, once the syrup is well coated on the tapioca, it is
Enjoy it!


  1. Happy mother's day to u, auntie!
    May u have good health and happy always!

  2. Hi Doris...thanks 4 ur greetings..n may u be blessed with lots of happiness too, cheers!