Monday, June 1, 2009

"Siu Mai" - Meat Dumpling

Voila...this is my hubby's contribution, a tasty delicious "siu mai" or meat dumpling. It was his first attempt after watching AFC a few weeks ago and surprisingly it turn up beautifully. Wow...praises from the kids and mummy... Look at it.... it is beautifully wrapped with wanton skin and the meat filling is great. Thanks are marvellous!

The meat and prawns are minced and added to chopped water chestnut and spring onion with added salt, pepper and 1 Tbs cornflour. Yes, so simple as that. Using the round wanton skin, 1 Tbs spoon of filling is put in the centre of the wanton skin and the skin is carefully pulled upwards and ensuring the filling stays in the centre, just like the photo below...yep, a little skill is needed here. Once it is ready, it is put into the steamer to steam for 15 minutes.. :)) Ready to Eat!

So what do you require :

  • 300gms minced meat
  • 200 gms prawns - to minced
  • 8 water chestnuts - chopped
  • some chopped spring onions
  • salt n pepper - to taste
  • 1 Tbs cornflour

Mixed all the above and put the filling into the wanton skin....that's it, Simple and Yummy!

Enjoy this beautiful Siu Mai with your family


  1. Excellent, home-made without preservatives !

  2. Never expect my brother to be a better chef than me! It's beautiful I must admit.

  3. Hi Jean,

    Do you need another food taster tak? I will be back for good October ni & I would like to offer myself the job ... ha ha ha

  4. Hi Anonymous...yes absolutely healthy, free of MSG

    Hi SE...he must be flattered n I make sure he serve this during our next gathering...hehehe

    Hi MZI..hahaha, appln under KIV...cheers n see u soon..

  5. next year pai tien kong,we shall have all the potential master cook to demonstrate n I will be the Judge.hehehehe