Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yummy Pizza

I called it Yummy home make "speedy" pizza ^ _ ^ !! Yes anyone can do it too, simple and no fuss at all. Sure, it taste better than the frozen ones from the hypermarket. This speedy pizza takes only 8 minutes to bake at 220 degC. Good for those who are like me - enjoy no fuss cooking and do not have the passion to bake...hahaha

Well, not all of us have the talent n passion to bake and I have to admit I am one of those... I cannot even make a perfect dough... :( Nevertheless, I never felt deprived as I love exploring for new ways of doing things and still able to enjoy to eat some good stuff made in my kitchen...hehehe.. Truly I am a lazy mum, I prefer no-fuss cooking but would cook something good, healthy n yummy for the family. My big boys and big daddy review on this pizza are : "It's nice mum, taste good, something different.." :)) LoL

Simple Process :
I use Pita as the base. Pita are good healthy stuff, I have tried using plain pita, garlic pita and found both are just as good. As for the filling, it is a free choice of tuna + button mushroom + tomato cubes or ham + crabstick + button mushroom and generously spread cheese on the pita itself and on top of the toppings. I use the tomato paste similar to my recipe for spaghetti sauce or you can just get a bottle of tomato paste from the hypermarket. I prefer my homemake sauce as I can manage the sour flavour. Anyway, you can always cook more and store the balance in the freezer, just thaw it as and when you want to make pizza.

The below pizza has been cut into 4 pieces before serving....easy for the kids to handle..

ENJOY a good and healthy Home Pizza.....


  1. What type of cheese should I use? I saw so many brands & types of cheese in the supermarket? Young mum.

  2. Hi Young Mum..u may use mozzarella cheese for pizza toppings or just choose to use kraft cheese by cutting into small pieces, which I do sometimes....cheers!