Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TomYam Soup with Vermicelli

If you enjoy a bowl of sour flavour soup with vermicelli, then go for this easy to make Tom Yam Soup with vermicelli (TomYam Beehoon Soup) . If you cook it yourself you can control the level of sour and spicy flavor. Simply add more if you enjoy real spicy and sour stuff - just add in a few pieces of chilly padi (small green chilly) and to increase the sour taste, just add more tom yam paste or just add extra lime juice to it. I find this a taste good process though some may prefer the long process of grinding the "many fresh ingredients" to make their own tomyam paste...but not me :) lazy mum has some easy way out.

Voila....a nice home cook Tom Yam Soup with Vermicelli. Find my recipe on simple steps to prepare the beautiful flavour sour soup - Tom Yam , a Thai Speciality.

Happy Cooking!

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