Friday, September 11, 2009

Turmeric Fried Bittergourd

It is nice to indulge in fried stuff once a while and this is what Lazy Mum has come up with. It is a simple to prepare dish and taste great when eaten hot. Hmm...this is also one way to get our boys to enjoy eating bittergourd :)).

The bittergourd is first cut into slices and rubbed with salt, allow it to sit for a while, rinse and drained dry . This process is required to reduce the water content of the bittergourd. Lastly just coat the dried bittergourd with Hup Loong Wonder powder and some turmeric powder sprinkle on and fry it with some oil till bittergourd turns golden brown. Drained it and serve immediately!

A beautiful golden fried bitterourd

Have a Good n Happy Meal..


  1. Something different. Must try. Anyway,thanks for all the recipes.Have been following your blog for quite some time.
    Btw,do you do catering during CNY? I'm staying in Klang and I usually have a small 'open house' on the first day of CNY. My first caterer has retired;second has sifted,third,not happy because the portion she prepared was very little for about 40 people.Anyway,thanks again,cheers!

  2. Hi there...
    Thank u for enjoying my blog. Cooking happens to be my passion and I enjoyed every bit of it and one way of sharing the "real taste", I started taking orders for Ala-Carte Orders (ie. ordering 1 or 2 of my speciality)

    As for food catering service (a set of menus), I'm able to offer my service for "mini parties" max 25. Reason..I am turning my passion to services to others from home. I will be glad to assist you on some other occasions. Feel free to write directly to my email or call to speak to me...

    Thank u and cheers!