Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PoPiah - Chinese Spring Rolls

Look at this yummy chinese spring roll aka popiah (chinese dialect) which I have prepared for my family. We had a wonderful time preparing the popiah together and it's fun....yah, cooking with passion. I strongly believe that if we cook with passion, the end results are sure great! It was a dream come true as we longed to taste my hometown popiah for a long, long time and it was wonderful that I finally managed to get the spring roll skin (made from rice flour) from a stall. Different states in the country makes different filling for the spring roll but I just missed my mum's simple and delicious recipe..... It is easy to prepare and taste so good!

The main filling consist of shredded yam bean aka bangkuang stir fry with garlic and prawns, fried bean curd cut into fine pieces. Never miss putting the fried shallots before rolling up the spring roll, it gives a great booster to the taste. Spread some sweet sauce, chilly paste on top of the spring roll skin, put a piece of green lettuce, 1 spoonful of the cooked yambean with prawns, fried beancurd, fried shallots and just roll it up! To serve, just cut it into half or smaller pieces.... ** Optional - crab meat can be added too.

Voila!...... a yummy tasty Chinese Spring Roll also known as "PoPiah"

Have Fun and Enjoy a Delicious and Healthy Meal


  1. Maybe you would like to try some of my recipe like simple steam carrot rice and potato jelly.I like your blog. Simple and nice. Easy to understand.

  2. Hi Aries, thanks for dropping by. Great, you have a cool blog n I enjoyed browzing thru...have fun! Cheers.

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