Monday, August 10, 2009

Nyonya Lam Mee (Noodle)

I considered myself as one of those lucky ones to have learnt from my mum on how to prepare Nyonya Lam Mee . Lam Mee literally means "pour soup over the noodle". This special dish is normally served during a birthday celebration for the elders. Long long time ago, we only get to eat this Lam Mee during our grandmother's or grandfather's birthday. The noodle will be served in a gigantic enamel plate and beautifully garnished with red coloring strips of egg omelette. Red is considered important for an auspicious occasion like birthday celebration.
My kids are much lucky as they now get to taste this noodle as and when they feel like eating as mummy can accord to their request
. :))

Nyonya Lam Mee has to be eaten with Sambal Belacan in order to boost the wonderful taste of soup. So with the added Sambal Belacan (Chilly pounded with roasted shrimp paste n lime juice), this is how beautiful the bowl of noodle appears to be....

This "flat fish" is one of the most important ingredient to be added to the soup as it gives the soup it's unique taste. It is boiled together with pork belly or chicken and prawns to make the tasty soup for the noodle.

All you need to make the soup are :
  • 1/2 chicken or 2 pcs of pork belly
  • 1 kg medium size prawns -boiled and use the water to add to the meat stock
  • 1 piece "flat fish"
  • 2 litres of water
Garnishing for the Noodle :
  • 5 beaten eggs to make omelette - then slice it finely
  • cooked prawns - cut into small pieces
  • cooked meat - cut into small pieces
  • fried shallots
  • chopped spring onions or blanched chives
Simple Process :
  • Lightly pan fried the flat fish before putting into the water to boil with the meat over medium heat for at least an hour
  • Add the boiled prawn water into the meat stock to give it a rich taste
  • Get those ingredients for garnishing on standby
  • Blanched the noodle or vermicelli and just pour the soup on top of it
  • Ready to serve with the toppings..

Enjoy a Happy Meal...


  1. Hi - I'm wondering if I can substitute the "flat fish" for "kiam hu"? or dried cuttlefish?

    Thanks for the post. Looks delicious and I'm scouring the internet to cook this.


  2. Hi PaiLi..if you use "kiam hu", it will loose its original taste of this recipe. The "flat fish" makes the soup sweet and tasty minus the "fishy" flavor...