Thursday, May 19, 2011

Croissant with Chicken Ham

Lazy Mum with yummy bites for lunch today...simple, easy, fast to prepare and most of all nutritious. Bought the ready made croissants from the bakery and DIY a simple meal for lunch. Look at those beautifully rings of onion lying on top of the chicken ham coupled with lettuce and slices of tomatoes and compliments with drops of thousand island, the big boys simply loves it...Yum! Yum!

Have a happy meal.........


  1. Hi there, Great blog! Your Croissant with Chicken Ham looks very delicious. Can't wait to try it at home with my family. Please feature more fast and easy to cook meals. Happy cooking!

  2. sometimes a quick and easy meal is the best!

  3. Thanks Do Battad for visiting, have fun preparing a simple delicious meal...cheers

    Hi Simply Life, Yes! simple is the best..cheers